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New streamlined process reduces 30 day long pre-press to 5 days.

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Digital Typesetting
DTD Creation Service
XML Creation
Adobe Indesign Service

Outsourcing Pre-Press has a lot of strategic & operational benefits, whether your volumes are low or high. You start reaping huge benefits in terms of turnaround time and investment when you select the right partner. We have skilled & experienced pool of resources that comprises for Project Managers, Type Setters, Copy Editors, Indexers, Graphic Designers and more that can provide seamless experience in pre-press services for all type of publishing needs.


Project Management /
Full Service

Develop PreFlight Tools for Publishers, Authors

Manuscript Standardization

PreFlight, Print Ready PDF, Distribution

Typesetting - Copy Editing, Proofreading, Indexing

Art/Graphics Redraw & Resize

Adobe, InDesign, Quark

Develop CRM for Automated Handoffs

Efficient Templates in Arbortext & InDesign

Create Static & Reflowable Formats

eBook, XML, HTML, Web PDF

Customized MetaData & DTD Creation



Special Publications

Books & Magazines




Featured case studies

technology migration

Technology Migration Service

Opensource platform migration of several sites with 60,000 articles, saving $100k annually

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web presence management

Web Presence Management

Learn how we consolidated more than 60 B2B sites for one customer

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Legacy Migration

Legacy Migration Services

Learn how a 15 year old business site was redeveloped to deliver a wow buying experience

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Consolidation project

Systems Consolidation Service

Converging buying process of 12 distinct product sites reduced order management cost by 20% & increased customer acquisition by 40%

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Database Performance

Optimize Search Performance

Optimized search for 20+ criteria across 225k prospects data

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Data Migration

Data Migration Services Quickbooks to Multipub

Migrated 7+ years of subscription and customer data with 50k rows & complex order history

read success story
Platform Migration

Platform Migration from Oracle Eloqua to Informz

Migrated process, assets and workflow of marketing automation suite for a 250k subscriber mailing list

read success story
Production for Newsletter

Newsletter Production

Automated workflow & production software for print newsletter, saving $100k annually

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Enterprise CMS Development

Enterprise CMS Development and Migration

Re-designed and migrated enterprise site from Sitecore 7 to Sitecore 9

read success story
Multi-Sites CMS Development

Multi-sites CMS Development

New site leads to 20% increase in "On-Site Time" and 2X increase in engagement for a global automobile brand.

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Pre-Press Services

Prepress Services

New streamlined process reduces 30 day long Pre-Press to 5 days

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Data Conversion

PDF to web XML Conversion Service

Converted a 2000 page print PDF to web XML file with 99.995% data accuracy

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Digital Typesetting

Digital Typesetting Service

Rebranded 1500 titles in 6 month in accordance with the specs of the parent company

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Data Repurposing

Data Repurposing and Consolidation Service

Consolidated diverse data formats to publish annual report for world’s biggest monetary firm

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Digital Publishing

PDF Conversion to XML

Digital publishing of 80 research articles per day with a team size of 20 people

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Digital Format Conversion

Digital Format Conversion

Convert and embed keyword tags in 900 scientific abstracts per day for a decade old client

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Image Processing

Image Croping and taging service

Crop and embed 5000 images with searchable keyword tags by employing a streamlined process

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