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The PubTech.io

PubTech.io is a unique technology company which houses passionate and research inclined programmers, coders, designers, project managers, painters, musicians, volunteers and parents. A team which is dedicated towards a singular goal of delivering excellent solutions that makes a positive impact in the world.

The PubTech.io

We are the proverbial been there, done that company. We let our numbers do the talking.

40% Client Referral
93% Client
40% Women in

10+ Years Industry
400+ Years of Collective
Work Experience
7 Offices

Member of prominent
publishing councils

Because we believe in building a progressive ecosystem for publishers and their clients.

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Clientele from
Start-Ups to Enterprise

We derive pleasure from the work we do, irrespective of the budget of our clients.

20% Start-Up
50% Small & Mid Size
30% Large

The Team

Amit Mehta Amit Mehta

Chief Executive Officer

Hitesh Vora Hitesh Vora

Chief Operating Officer

Nirav Oza Nirav Oza

Chief Strategy & Customer Officer

Amit Mehta Amit Mehta

Chief Executive Officer

Jigar Mistri Jigar Mistri

Chief Technology Officer

Dr.Anavaratham PM Dr. Anavaratham PM

Chief Compliance Officer

Keyush Patel Keyush Patel  
Himanshu Tatariya Himanshu Tatariya  
Vipul Tanna Vipul Tanna  
Manish Varsani Manish Varsani  
Shetal Mehta Shetal Mehta  
Monica Changela Monica Changela  
Neha Rajvanshi Neha Rajvanshi  
Animesh Santoki Animesh Santoki  
Rushabh Madhu Rushabh Madhu  
Manan Shastri Manan Shastri  
Rajat Chauhan Rajat Chauhan  
Nirali Vora Nirali Vora  
Raveena Gohil Raveena Gohil  
PubTech.io Team